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Delivering engaging video content that tells your story

Education, training, program administration, and more.

English/French/Arabic Online Course:

A Synchronous  Online Zoom Course

Editing/proofreading, informal supervision, & follow-up

Dr. Cliff Ubba Kodero

Instructor of International Relations & African Affairs

Florida International University, Miami, Florida


Dr. Raddaoui is an experienced professor and linguist who is an incredible reader and editor. His passion is visible in whatever tasks he undertakes. I am so glad to work with him as a PhD student working through my dissertation and seeking publication and employment. Highly recommend. 



Professor Ali Raddaoui is a great linguist and a meticulous editor. He has provided me with a thorough and complete revision and proofreading of my Ph.D. thesis. I am really indebted to him and I highly recommend his services to all my friends, students and teachers.

Mohamed Sami Wichka - PhD student - Cust

Dr. Sami Wichka

English teacher and Ph.D. student, Tunis, Tunisia

Andrew J. Reddinger
Ex-University of Wyoming, USA

Mr. Ali Raddaoui was my Arabic professor from 2013-2015 at the University of Wyoming. Through the implementation of motivation, creative teaching methods, patience and passion, he not only sparked my interest in Arabic but also inspired me to leave my comfort zone and explore different cultures...I would not have had the experiences I have had thus far if it wasn't for crossing paths with Ali Raddaoui, he is an inspiration, motivator and it truly is a great honor to know this man!

Andrew J Reddinger - Recommender 1_edite

Morgan Marks, Ex-University of Wyoming student

I met Dr. Ali Raddaoui as an undergraduate student in his Arabic classes. His enthusiasm, energy, and passion for teaching sticks with me, long after I graduated. Dr. Ali has wonderful attention to detail, incredible work ethic, and is supportive of his students. His method of teaching encourages and inspires his students to achieve a high standard. His sense of humor and ability to relate the topics to his students make him stand out as one of the best professors I have had. Working with Dr. Ali continues to be a high point in my life and the lives of others he touches.

Dr. Hassan Zriba
University of Gafsa, Tunisia

Professor Ali Raddaoui has been my inspiration in innovating my pedagogy of teaching! Thanks to him, I learned that the teacher best serves his/her students when he/she gets into horizontal contact with the students. I vehemently believe that I and every learner still have much to learn from him.

Dr Hassen Zriba.jfif

Dr. Rahimjon Abdulgafarov
Emory University, USA

Working with Dr. Raddaoui is a pure pleasure. His professionalism and great personality are great additions to his highly valuable editing and translating skills. I hope to continue to work with Dr. Raddaoui in the future.

RahimJon Abdulgafarov.jpg

At Afro-Asia Media Lab, we help you strike the right note when you express yourself before or interact with audiences near and far. You may be a learner trying to perfect your knowledge of Arabic, English, or French. You may be looking for someone to polish a text which you need to share, publish or send. You’re a writer or a blogger wanting to upgrade the quality of a text you have written for a magazine or a journal. You’re the owner of a company targeting customers from another speech community. If you’re any of the above, you are in the right place, and we will serve you with professionalism, courtesy, and patience.

I am Dr. Ali Raddaoui, owner and founder of Afro-Asia Media Lab, and I am essentially a lover of language. Ever since I was a child, I have developed a strong liking for three languages, their turns, and their styles, their expressions, and their norms. With my team of professionals, video producers, tutors, translators, proofreaders, editors, and content writers, we will help you or your text attain the desired level of linguistic workmanship. For us, IdiomOptima is not just a business or a breadwinner, but a call, a vocation, and a passion. Contact us and let's talk about how we can serve you.

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We are here to cater for your needs in the areas of online tutoring,  translation, editing and proofreading in both Arabic and English as well as educational and research consultations. Contact me to see how my services can help!

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